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Dexel is a turn based game where You have to face problems on Your own. In these  times the world as we know is being destroyed by unknown power... However You start as a single man; Dexter. In this strange place the world's construction of million of dimensions. There is a portal for every dimension. To find out what's destroying world You'll have to face enemies, craft items, fighting bosses and exploring unknown biomes. Fear or not, You're able to do it with Your friend on one device multiplayer mode! So, ARE YOU READY TO BECOME HERO OF DEXEL?

Install instructions

Since this is an android game it's stored as an .apk file. Once You've downloaded the file You should see Dexel.apk file. Click it! If it's necessary, check the unknown source instalation in Your settings! I hope You'll enjoy! Thanks for plating Player!


Dexel.apk 41 MB

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