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One legend, one hero, one quest. This is a tale of how aliens know how to craft cheese. Discover the mysteries of the universe and get the cheese recipe!

Navigate through 5 different chapters (each with different soundtrack!) and 2 different level types; UFO and grounded! Defeat 2 bosses! Find out what's going on!


The crafting is the whole game itself; this game is a tutorial on how to craft a cheese and how it used to be made!

Note after finishing if you can ;)


Farmer is too strong/10 - Beta tester #1

That time thingy? Crazy - Beta tester #2

Wait, is that a bu... *WOOSH* (He didn't say bug though...) - Beta tester #3




A,S,W,D - moving (press to fall faster while in ground level!)

J - Action button (shooting and stuff)




This game is speedrun ready! After each session from the beggining you will get notified how many time it took you to finish the game. You can also turn on the timer in the options in menu or while in game after pressing esc.




All of the progress is saved automatically!



This game is made by MightyPancake.

This game was made using LÖVE engine and pancake library!

All of the music was provided by John Gray! Big thanks for that!

All of the sounds and images (except for the pizza sprite) are mine.

Special thanks to: Igorencjo, Jasiu and Nobody6502 for testing and being a huge support.

This is a JamCraft 5 entry.





Somewhere there is...

A hidden easter egg! It holds an ancient power related to time... Will you find it?


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The_legend_of_the_cheese_craftmanship.zip 31 MB
Tlotcc.apk 35 MB
The legend of the cheese craftmanship v.1.0.1.zip 30 MB

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